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BioFlex Laser Treatments: Red Deer & Region Osteopathic Clinic

BioFlex Laser | Black Rock Therapies

BioFlex Laser-Light treatment is recommended for people experiencing muscle pain from overuse or due to an ongoing physical rehabilitation process—such as athletes and people in physiotherapy. Laser treatments can be a stand alone treatment or be combined with Osteopath and Massage treatments to target muscle and soft tissue injuries and speed their recovery time.  At Black Rock Therapies, our specially trained technicians know exactly where to apply the BioFlex laser to promote gentle and quick healing.  

This therapy enhances your body’s circulation and reduces muscle inflammation to relieve pain. In addition, the treatment boosts energy production within cells to directly accelerate healing. Whether you’re an athlete recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic muscle pain, BioFlex Laser therapy can be an important part of your healing journey.

So, How Does BioFlex Laser Work?

The BioFlex Laser-Light machine works on the principle of photobiomodulation—a process in which certain wavelengths of light react with our cells to provide increased metabolism, cellular regeneration and immunomodulation. These effects increase the natural rate of healing of our damaged cells and improve our immune systems.

When you come in for a BioFlex Laser-Light treatment, our technician will speak with you about where you are experiencing pain, and the cause of your muscle or soft-tissue strain. They will then create a specialised treatment plan that involves saturating your damaged and strained tissues with curative photons. Most sessions last about 30 minutes, though it may take 15-60 minutes depending on what part of the body is being treated and the extent of your pain and muscular distress.

We also recommend multiple treatments with the BioFlex Laser-Light in conjunction with manual osteopath appointments. Our clinic is staffed with friendly, approachable, highly skilled technicians who love the art of the osteopath. Red Deer and area clients are very welcome to drop by our clinic and ask questions about our various treatments, from craniosacral therapy and Thai massage to reflexology and myofascial cupping. We’re always happy to explain our procedures and make recommendations!

We are your home for osteopathic medicine and general wellness. Make an appointment today to start your healing journey!

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