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Happy New Year!

Dear Clients and Community Members,

Gratitude, Connections, and Grapes.

These are the three words that come to mind as I reflect on 2022 and look forward to 2023.


Every time I walk through the doors of Black Rock Therapies there is an immense feeling of gratitude that fills me. Yes, every time. And I will share with you in a list why I feel this way.

  1. How my amazing team saw my vision at the start and created a location environment beyond my expectations. I love walking into Black Rock Therapies.

  2. How my amazing team of administrators and therapists hold true to my vision of presenting an Exceptional Client Experience. Sometimes we don’t get it completely right but I am grateful that we are all doing our best every day.

  3. The thousands of clients who have walked through our doors and find a safe, healing and result oriented space to connect and form a community that truly wants the best for each other. We do what we do because We Care.

  4. Our therapists who are “growth driven”. Being leaders in our community and in our industry means being open to growth. Having EIGHT of our therapists complete their level 1 certification in NeuroKinetic Therapy and TWO of those therapists complete their level 2 certification in NKT is an example of driving the growth of our therapists, our clinic and our community. Black Rock Therapies is now the only Central Alberta clinic to offer a designated NKT team. (Check out to learn more about this ‘missing link’ in assessment therapy)

  5. Having something to share such as business knowledge, clinic knowledge and client management knowledge. Possessing knowledge is a good thing but sharing that knowledge with others is a great and powerful thing. At Black Rock Therapies, we focus on sharing our knowledge both internally with each other and externally with other therapists. Sharing is Caring and we do it because We Care. Gaining the knowledge has at times been a painful experience but sharing the knowledge is a joyful privilege.


  1. This last year has been remarkable in the community connections we have made and I am looking forward to next year which I am sure will be even more remarkable. We earned the highest achievement award of Platinum for Massage Therapy and Gold for Reflexology in the Red Deer Community Votes awards this last year.

  2. We joined the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce and submitted our entry for the Business of the Year. Congratulations to Red Deer Mechanics who were the recipients.

  3. We continued our Business Networking International membership with Debbie Manary doing an amazing job representing us at the Sunrise chapter.

  4. Raising awareness and donations for local charities such as The Mustard Seed, CAWES and the Red Deer Food Bank have been great ways of connecting us together with people around us who are truly doing amazing feats each and every day of the year.


The area of Australia we lived in was saturated with local boutique family owned and operated wineries. Each winery had different varieties of grapes and each winery had their own interpretation of what the wine should taste like. A characteristic I appreciate of wine is, when shared with others, the notes and taste seem to be amplified. Like wine, the feeling of gratitude is amplified when it is shared with the connections we have within our community. Thank you for reading this and allowing me to share my gratitude for 2022 with you. Having you as one of our connections and part of our community is really appreciated.

- Dwayne

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