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Specialty Services
Brie Walker

Advanced Registered Massage Therapist

Brie Walker has been a Personal Fitness Trainer for 20 years. After graduating from NAIT in 2001 with her Diploma, her passion for helping people with their health and wellness has been a lifelong journey of learning and growing. She has been a certified movement specialist and group fitness instructor for 15 years. Certified in many different modalities of fitness training with numerous tools to help clients in all aspects; from sports specific to rehabilitation from injury and recreational athletes who just want to stay active as they age.

Each client has been a great hands-on learning experience for how different bodies move and are each uniquely designed. Wanting more knowledge with a wider scope of practice. She decided that massage therapy with a focus on the Lensen Technique would be a great fit for the ability to help people feel well and balanced overall. Working on structural limitations will make learning how to use your body more effective and allow pain to stay away indefinitely. Brie wants to teach people to have more body awareness and balance.

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